Luann Yarrow & Associates

A freelance communications business specializing in writing, editing, and design.

Who We Are

Luann Yarrow & Associates is a family-owned business in operation since in 2006. The whole thing started when a friend asked Luann to edit something quickly because his regular editor was unable to fulfill her obligation. Since that time, word has gotten out, and the business has quickly expanded.

Luann’s family has a strong background in communications. Her father was an editor for over 30 years and loved checking his children’s school papers with red pen in hand!

Luann relies heavily on her family and their strong work ethic as well as close friends who share her love of words and communicating with professionalism.

Luann Yarrow Doman, Editor/Writer/Designer
Luann Yarrow Doman

Luann is a freelance communication specialist working alongside organizations, publications, and individuals. Throughout her career, Luann has worn a number of hats in the communications arena. After working as the associate editor of periodicals at Tyndale House Publishers for six years, Luann moved to South Florida where she served as managing editor of a community newspaper for four years. All the while she built her own freelance business. Her experience includes writing news articles and special features; producing a bi-monthly column; designing small group training materials and Vacation Bible School curriculum; writing press releases, and editing print campaign materials for several local politicians. She has also worked alongside several first-time authors preparing their books for publishing.

A native Midwesterner, Luann recently returned to the Chicago suburbs, where she enjoys Chicago-style pizza and dreams of the Cubs finally winning the World Series. When Luann isn't working, she enjoys spending time with her family, volunteering at church, cycling, and playing with her dog, Lucy.

Luann has been a Christian since she was a young girl and says that Jesus gives her hope and confidence for the future, even in these dismal economic times. If you would like to know more about how you can spend eternity in heaven with God, please visit here.

Kenneth Doman, Writer/Technical Consultant
Ken Doman

Ken is the newest member of the Luann Yarrow and Associates family. Ken has spent the last five years as a web developer, and assists with our companies computer-related needs. Besides offering his technical expertise to the team, Ken has also written for several projects, including a daily devotional project. When not working, he enjoys time with his family, as well as reading, cycling, and cooking.

Ruth Pirrie, Writer/Editor

Ruth has been writing and editing for more than 25 years. As a young college graduate, Ruth began her career writing and editing for Awana Clubs International. Since that time, she has expanded her horizons and has written Bible studies, daily devotionals, children’s curriculum, and inspirational articles for women. In her spare time, Ruth enjoys spending time with her husband and grown daughters as well as working in her garden.